1. “Any construction project involves a myriad of people: the building owner, the architect and the contractor.

  2. In this group, the contractor and architect are very familiar with construction.  The person who doesn’t know anything about construction for the most part is the owner, and the owner is the one who pays the bills.

  3. My role is to provide the owner with equal footing during negotiations, bidding and construction.  I ensure the owner’s best interests are the focal point of every decision made.

  1. As an Owner’s Representative, I am on site to manage the workflow of a project, while the owner retains all the decision making authority.  Tradesmen contracts are made with owner.  I provide professional advice at each step of the process.

Project management is the process of leading a team of people to perform their best in support of a common goal.

By organizing and coordinating the work of many participants, I help create efficiency and increase productivity.  In addition to monitoring spending against budget, I can help forecast the cost of uncompleted work and keep the owner informed on progress and issues.

Creating a balance between quality, cost, functionality and schedule is my strength.

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